2022 Players Top 50: #43 Brodie Merrill By Sarah Griffin Dec 5, 2022 There’s only one athlete in the world with an award named after him while still actively playing. At 41 years old in his 18th season, Brodie Merrill continued to set the standard for not just long stick midfielders but lacrosse players everywhere […]
The all-time leader in groundballs among non-faceoff athletes is still dominating — and doing it against his students. At The Hill Academy in Ontario, Brodie Merrill has coached Dillon Ward, Kyle Jackson, James Barclay, Chris Cloutier, Andrew Kew, Jeff Teat, Tanner Cook, Ian MacKay, Jason Noble, Josh Currier, Ryan Lee, Clarke Petterson, Bryan Cole, and Adam Charalambides.
“A great athlete is one who takes advantage of the ability that genetics have brought him in order to secure great achievements, but an exceptional athlete is one who can swim in the waters of complexity and chaos, making what seems difficult easy, creating order from chaos.”