Players Top 50: #42 Brodie Merrill

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Dec 6, 2021

Brodie Merrill’s range is ridiculous. He can simultaneously shut off the offense’s best off-ball threat while clogging passing lanes to others. Brodie barks out directions for the rest of the defense, vacuums groundballs off the carpet, and splits 1-on-2s at an elite level.

The all-time leader in groundballs among non-faceoff athletes is still dominating -- and doing it against his students. At The Hill Academy in Ontario, Brodie Merrill has coached Dillon Ward, Kyle Jackson, James Barclay, Chris Cloutier, Andrew Kew, Jeff Teat, Tanner Cook, Ian MacKay, Jason Noble, Josh Currier, Ryan Lee, Clarke Petterson, Bryan Cole, and Adam Charalambides.

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