Shortly after off-season trade window opened yesterday, Chaos LC agreed to send 2019 All-Pro midfielder Jake Froccaro to Cannons LC.
When All-Pro defenseman Jarrod Neumann told Ryan Boyle that he feels like he’s in range as soon as he steps within 20 yards,
Consisting of defenseman Jarrod Neumann, LSM Matt Rees, and midfielder Jake Froccaro, the squad gives opposing goalies nightmares. The trio have accounted for a league best eight two-pointers and embody their club’s run and gun style. Neumann plays like he just drank a gallon of espresso and often transforms post-win huddles into chest bump battles with Head Coach Andy Towers. Froccaro wears a gold chain that’s so big that Neumann said it has its own personality. Rees, who is a Naval Communications Officer and quiet by comparison to his squad members, prefers to let his shots make all the noise. He was the only Bomb Squad member who didn’t compete in the fastest shot contest during All-Star weekend, which Neumann won when he clocked 115 mph.