Top 10 Moments Of The Chaos’ Season

10. Jarrod Neumann Wins The Fastest Shot Competition

When All-Pro defenseman Jarrod Neumann told Ryan Boyle that he feels like he’s in range as soon as he steps within 20 yards, he wasn’t lying. A 115-mph bomb will go from way downtown. Neumann drilled five of his 16 attempts from deep this summer – an absurd shooting percentage. That’s equivalent to shooting 62% from inside the arc; only Atlas attackman Eric Law (56.1%) came close to that.

9. BTB to BTB 

All-Pro attackman Connor Fields feeds behind-the-back as often as he does in front of his face. He’s so slick – putting this pass on the money to a moving target is not easy. After Josh Byrne scored, he explained to the NBC broadcast team that when Fields throws you a behind-the-back pass, you absolutely must finish behind-the-back. Those are the rules.

8. Jack Rowlett’s Over-The-Head Check

Head coach Andy Towers drafted two mean defensemen with his top picks in the draft. Rowlett led the team with eight caused turnovers; Johnny Surdick was close behind with four. Chaos defenders were allowed to take more chances and lay more lumber than any other team – because even if they got beat, the best goalie in the league was behind them. Rowlett and company made the most of those chances with takeaway checks like this.

7. Blaze Riorden’s Saves. All 185 Of Them.

None of All-Pro goalie Blaze Riorden’s saves stand out above the rest. He’s so casual in the cage. The dude stopped 15.4 shots per game, and he caught most of them cleanly. His clean saves and outlets kickstarted the Chaos’ transition offense.

6. Mark Glicini Putting His Body On The Line

Glicini is a mad man. I’ve typed that sentence before, and I’ll type it again. He throws his body in front of shots unlike any player I’ve ever seen. One of the new rules in PLL: Players do not need to leave the field when their stick breaks. Glicini found ways to impact the game without a stick, by jumping in front of shots like this from time-and-room shooters.


The Bomb Squad was a big part of the Chaos’ identity. Neumann, Jake Froccaro, Myles Jones, Matt Rees, and Troy Reh all rocked stickers on their helmets as proud members of the club. When Jones buried his first two-pointer in Week 8 against the Redwoods, he became the fourth member of the club. Neumann, Froccaro, and Rees already had their stickers. Jones came to the sideline asking, “WHERE’S MY STICKER?”

4. Andy Towers Mic’d Up

Coach of the Year Andy Towers is the best hype man in the league. Whether he’s encouraging Jarrod Neumann from the sideline or shoving the 6-foot-4, 220-pound defender in a postgame huddle-mosh pit hybrid, Towers brings the juice at all times.

His best line? Any time Connor Fields puts his defender on the wrong end of a soon-to-be viral goal, Towers will shout, “YOU MADE HIM FAMOUS, FIELDSY!”

3. Connor Fields Making Garrett Epple Famous

Fields is a human highlight reel. He was a staple on the #SCtop10 this summer. There’s no limit to the ways in which he will embarrass a defender. Posting up at the island, he’ll catch his man overplaying one shoulder or the other. At X, he can shake his man into tripping up on the back of the cage.

Think Fields is only capable of pushing the left side? Think again.

Fields can drive to his right, either for a shovel finish or this ridiculous one-handed dunk. This is a jumpman poster. Unfortunately for Epple and Tim Troutner, they’re both on it.

2. Myles Jones, Running By (And Over) Short-Sticks

Remember a couple years after Madden introduced the truck stick when they tried to take hits to the next level, so helmets were popping off left and right? This dodge was straight out of that year’s edition of Madden. MJ made the Redwoods pay for short-sticking him in this game, and in the process, he made opposing coaches rethink their strategies heading into the postseason. Do they short-stick All-Pro Jake Froccaro? Can they afford to short-stick an attackman so that they can double-pole Jones and Froccaro? Any option sounds better than short-sticking Jones.

1. Connor Fields’ BTB Fake

Fields did a lot of rude stuff to defenders. This tops the list. He sells the behind-the-back fake like prime Peyton Manning turning his back to the defense for an extra second following a play action fake. He waits for his man to turn around completely before stepping into a low-to-low rocket.

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