How Mental Performance Coaching has Made Mark Glicini Into Chaos’ Leader By Daniel May Jun 28, 2023 Mark Glicini’s background in sports performance has made him a strong voice inside the Chaos’ locker room. One of three captains, Glicini is someone players on the team look to as a leader both physically and vocally.  Becoming […]
The Making of the Glick: ‘A war against average’ By Josh Schafer | Jul 29, 2021 Tweet What Mark Glicini is about to do doesn’t make much sense, at least not to most people. A few feet away from a 100 mph shot, most people would duck. They’d dodge the shot and live to fight […]
Five Player-Written Articles You Need to Read By PLL | Apr 28, 2020 Here are five must-read player-written articles you may have missed over the last month. From My Point of View: What I See Against the World’s Best Shooters by Kyle Bernlohr  Whipsnakes goalie and PLL champion Kyle Bernlohr gives us the five most […]
I continue to be asked questions like these following the inaugural season of the Premier Lacrosse League: “Are you crazy?” “Why do you jump in front of 100 mph shots?” “Do you realize how badly you could get hurt?”