How the Waterdogs’ crowded midfield unit stacks up By Wyatt Miller | Jul 26, 2023 Tweet The Waterdogs have champaign problems. Sitting at 4-1 and second place in the league, the ‘Dogs have eight starting-caliber midfielders when healthy, but can only dress five or six each week.  The midfield unit has accounted for 47 of […]
Mikie Schlosser has a green arrow down the alley. He’s one of the best on-the-run shooters in lacrosse, shooting 10-for-28 (36%) unassisted this summer.
Entry Draft Spotlight: Mikie Schlosser By Kyle Devitte | Mar 17, 2021 Tweet Do you enjoy midfielders that smile, rip shots and execute wonky run-ups? Then you’re going to love Mikie Schlosser. When we talk about offensive players, we rarely address the nature of deception in their game. There is no player in this – […]