10. The Comeback That Could Have Been A four-goal run in the middle of the inaugural Championship game created a seven-goal cushion for Whipsnakes heading into the final minutes of the third quarter. After Jack Near and Ryder Garnsey narrowed the lead to five with under a minute to play in the third, a failed clear by Whipsnakes led to a transition opportunity for Redwoods. Near found Sergio Perkovic on a skip pass through the Whipsnakes’ recovering defense and Perkovic unloaded a two-point bomb that brought his team within three.
Who Should The Archers Draft No. 1? The Premier Lacrosse League’s postseason format aims to prevent tanking. The top pick isn’t awarded; it’s won. And this year, it wasn’t won by the last-place Chrome or the fifth-place Atlas. The Archers (the third seed!) are on the clock for the 2020 PLL Draft. The Archers are …

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In any sport, the best teams are the teams that adapt to the current set of rules. This starts with roster construction and continues on the field. Rules shape the speed and style of play. But rules are also constantly changing — just ask faceoff specialists. The Premier Lacrosse League is playing with a shorter field (100 yards) and a shorter shot clock (52 seconds) than field lacrosse has ever seen. It’s no surprise then that the two teams competing for the Crown — the Redwoods and the Whipsnakes — are the two best teams at the parts of the game that these rules emphasize: transitioning from defense to offense and from offense to defense.
This week’s episode of Game of Thrones featured the longest battle scene in television or movie history. The Battle of Winterfell featured some of the best fighters in Westeros. While some of the X’s and O’s decisions were questionable (why not build a bigger ring of fire?), the overall strategy provides some insight for the PLL’s players as they prepare to battle for the PLL crown.