Rabil’s two-handed shooting range has always made him an impossible cover. He can either bury low-and-away shots down the lefty alley or sweep topside for his dominant right. In his final season, he shot 41.2% (7-for-17) off the dodge with his left and 35.3% (6-for-17) off the dodge with his right. That’s balance.
Atlas-Cannons Trade: Paul Rabil to Cannons By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Mar 1, 2021 Cannons LC has acquired midfielder Paul Rabil and the sixth overall pick in the 2021 Entry Draft. In exchange Atlas LC receives the ninth overall pick in the 2021 Entry Draft, the eighth overall pick in the 2021 College Draft, and […]
The Top 10 Passers in the PLL By Jake Watts | Mar 27, 2020 The assist has long been the benchmark for ranking passers in lacrosse; a legacy stat that has its faults. The metric ignores the opportunities passers create that do not result in a goal. Shooters in the PLL missed 992 assisted shots […]
The Premier Lacrosse League today announced its entrance in the sports world, bringing fast-paced action, the world’s top players, unprecedented access to the game for fans in venue and at home, and a unique tour-based model to professional lacrosse.