Tom Schreiber comes in at No. 1 on the list of top PLL passers

The Top 10 Passers in the PLL

By Jake Watts | Mar 27, 2020

The assist has long been the benchmark for ranking passers in lacrosse; a legacy stat that has its faults. The metric ignores the opportunities passers create that do not result in a goal. Shooters in the PLL missed 992 assisted shots last season; historically the passer who set up these shots had not been credited.

The advanced stat, assist opportunities, aims to shine light on those who create offense. AOs are a better indicator of playmaking ability than traditional assists. 

10 . Joe Walters 

Teammates converted on 11 of Walters’ 36 assist opportunities (29%).

9 (Tied). Paul Rabil 

The Bulls netted 13 of Rabil’s 38 assist opportunities (34%).

9 (Tied) . Justin Guterding

Guterding had 16 assists on 38 assist opportunities (42%).

7 (tied). Kieran McArdle 

McArdle’s teammates finished 14 of his 41 assist opportunities (34%).

7 (tied). Eric Law 

Shooter’s scored on 11 of Law’s 41 assist opportunities (27%).

5. Will Manny

The Archers found the bullseye on 13 of Manny’s 46 assist opportunities (28%).

4. Jordan Wolf 

Wolf created 55 assist opportunities, Chrome shooters finished 16 (29%).


3. Connor Fields

We can expect Fields’ assist numbers (13) to go up in 2020. Teammates only finished 23% of his 56 assist opportunities. 

2. Matt Rambo 

Rambo had the luxury of teammates who finished more often than most. Whipsnake teammates converted on 26 of Rambo’s 59 assist opportunities (44%).

1. Tom Schreiber

Schreiber led the league with 61 assist opportunities. The Archers scored 20 goals on those passes (33%).

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