Berg’s Brilliance: A Microcosm of the Redwoods’ Improved Offense By Jerome Taylor | Sep 7, 2023 Tweet Wes Berg was a flamethrower in the Redwoods 15-9 quarterfinal win over Chaos on Labor Day.  Berg tied a PLL playoff record by scoring seven goals in the match, and he did it in typical Berg-esque fashion, with […]
Film study: How Wes Berg scores on every tenth touch for the Redwoods By Jerome Taylor Aug 19, 2023 Since the start of the season, Wes Berg’s efficiency has been turning heads, setting the tone that this year would be special for him. In 2023, Berg has delivered the productivity that made Nat St. Laurent […]
Film Study: Waterdogs’ Off-ball Screens By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Aug 25, 2020 Ball screens. Seals. Slips. Backdoor cuts. Bee sting picks. C-cuts. Picking the picker. Tic tac toe ball movement. The Waterdogs offense featured everything – except for finishing – in 2020. Head coach Andy Copelan’s inaugural squad led PLL in assist rate (i.e. […]