Verified Newsletter: Coach Tierney (PLL Head of Competition & Hofstra University Head Coach)

By Josh Barrow | Aug 31, 2022

Where does your lacrosse story begin?

My lacrosse story started in 1969 when my first lacrosse stick was given to me by my uncle, Denver University coach Bill Tierney. I was a baseball player, played first base, batted first and it wasn’t until I was probably 8 or 9 years old that I was at my grandmother's house when he came by with this lacrosse stick for me and he casually took the the first baseman's glove out of my hand and said why don't you use this for a little while and that's where the story began.

Did you immediately love it just because your last name is Tierney?

No, no, no he was great with with the whole thing you know it's an addictive type scenario, lacrosse you can really, you know, you can go to a wall for an hour, you can shoot on your own, you can do a lot of cool things with a lacrosse stick and so it's an addictive sport and once I started to get the hang of it, you started to want more. My first team was the Levittown Tomahawks. My coach nicknamed me Lefty because everything I did was left-handed and I did get the Bill Tierney comparisons and that's Tierney's nephew or that's this or that but before you knew it I was plowing my own path.

At what point in your youth did you find what position you were interested in?

I mean being a lefty you know I was a natural fit to play that left-handed attack position. I did play some midfield in high school growing up and then when I got to college I was basically a midfielder all the time and I just found my comfort level there.

What did you find exciting about being that lefty attackman?

I had some success just being taught by my uncle in the beginning. You know, just that the pretty good fundamentals and shooting and scoring and lefties, we see the game a little bit differently as you know there's a term out there lefties get their left, sometimes righties can't get their right but lefties do get to their left hand and you probably see it with Ryan (Tierney) a little bit you saw it with Josh Byrne you see it with with a couple of guys a lot of Canadian players they just get their left hand and so we see the game a little bit differently and you know it just it it got to the point where I just really loved playing that that lower left handed attack position and being able to finish the ball or feed the ball through and and and find some open players.

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