Verified Spotlight: Roseville Lacrosse Club

By Josh Barrow | Jun 18, 2021

Roseville Lacrosse | On a Mission to Grow the Game from the Ground Up!

When Colleen Busch shared that Roseville Lacrosse, 19 miles outside of Sacramento, CA, teaches the game to boys and girls from ages 8 through 16 years, she really means that Roseville built their lacrosse program from scratch. It started when Matt, her husband, a New York native and college hockey player at Binghamton University became a college club lacrosse player. He brought his love and excitement for lacrosse from the East to his community of Roseville, CA.

In fact, lacrosse wasn't even in high schools when the Busch’s got involved in the lacrosse recreation movement in the township of Roseville. Colleen noted, “There are 4 major High Schools our recreation department feeds into. Because of the vibrant interest in building the game with the Roseville lacrosse resources, we actually funded two of the 4 high school programs. We got them off the ground. Eventually, the High School Boosters took it on themselves to financially support equipment moving forward.”

Lacrosse grows and expands because of families within the Roseville Lacrosse Verified Club bonding together to make this sport open for all and easy to learn. When Romar Dennis, Callum Robinson, and Liz Hogan came out to teach a Verified Pro Clinic to both the Roseville boys and girls, there were over 60 players who participated. “We wanted to make it a special and official day for our players and parents to learn from the top players at the professional level,” said Colleen. When we saw Romar at the opening weekend for the PLL season, he told us that he hated to leave “the huge brunch spread” the families shared!

It's often these untold stories that contribute so much to the growth of our sport. We always enjoy hearing groups who have truly built a lacrosse community fro the ground up. Future goals for Roseville include introducing the sport at the kindergarten level through the PE department. Can’t wait for Roseville to use the PLL Mini Sticks (Walmart distributes) at that program. Our money is on Roseville to expand their mission well beyond!

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