Waterdogs LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions

A Ryan Brown (via trade with Atlas LC), A Michael Kraus (holdout list), M Christian Scarpello (via player pool)

Offseason Losses

D Brodie Merrill (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), A Ryan Drenner (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), FO Drew Simoneau (Cannons LC Expansion Draft)


#4 overall, #12 overall, #20 overall

#1 Need: Defensive Organizer

Every defense needs an organizer. It’s wrongly mislabeled as the player who guards the “third” attackman. The role is so much more.

Think of what Eddy Glazener is to the Redwoods defense. That’s what Brodie Merrill has been since making the move down low toward the end of his career.

Head coach Andy Copelan now needs a new defensive coach on the field to communicate through slide packages. My favorite help defender in this class: Liam Byrnes, who played with Waterdogs defenseman BJ Grill at Marquette.

Secondary Needs: Goalie

Charlie Cipriano and Matt DeLuca split time for the Waterdogs in the Championship Series. The 6-foot-6 DeLuca was a high draft pick last spring out of Delaware. He stopped 59% of shots in limited minutes as a rookie. Is he the answer? Does Copelan draft someone to compete? Or does he make a blockbuster trade for All-World goalie Dillon Ward?

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