Whipsnakes 22-man Roster Breakdown

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 28, 2020

The reigning champs return with a lockdown defense, two-point shooting King Channy, and PLL MVP Matt Rambo. After losing four playmakers to the expansion draft, the Whips' offense will have some new faces: Brad Smith (missed 2019 due to injury), Zed Williams (entry draft), Max Tuttle (traded from Chrome LC).

Returning Players: 17

Jake Bernhardt, Kyle Bernlohr, Jay Carlson, Mike Chanenchuk, Matt Dunn, Michael Ehrhardt, John Haus, Joe LoCascio, Joe McCallion, Tim Muller, Joe Nardella, Isaac Paparo, Matt Rambo, Brett Schmidt, Jeremy Sieverts, Tyler Warner, Bryce Young

Additions: 5

TJ Comizio, Brad Smith, Jacob Stover, Max Tuttle, Zed Williams

Positional Battle: Righty attack

Jay Carlson should start alongside Matt Rambo. But who else? Brad Smith? Zed Williams?

Smith is naturally a midfielder; he has played attack because having his howitzer at the point on fast breaks makes defenses hesitant to help from him. Williams is a pure lacrosse player. He could start on attack for one game, then take faceoff wings in the next.

Best Unit: Goalie and defense

Protecting this entire unit was a no-brainer. Kyle Bernlohr, Matt Dunn, Tim Muller, Bryce Young, Michael Ehrhardt, Tyler Warner, and Jake Bernhardt are back. TJ Comizio is in the mix at SSDM, too – maybe that frees Bernhardt up for more offensive runs. In an expansion year when most rosters took a few hits, the Whipsnakes defense managed to get even deeper.

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