Whipsnakes LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions


Offseason Losses

SSDM Tyler Warner (holdout list), M Jeremy Sieverts (retired), D Brett Schmidt (retired), M Joe LoCascio (retired), M Max Tuttle (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), G Jacob Stover (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), M Joe McCallion


#7 overall, #15 overall, #23 overall

#1 Need: SSDM

There’s no replacing Tyler Warner, the 2020 George Boiardi SSDM of the Championship Series.

The Whipsnakes have some in-house options at SSDM: TJ Comizio (acquired in the 2020 Entry Draft) and Matt Hubler (drafted 14th overall in the 2020 College Draft out of Johns Hopkins).

The Whipsnakes lost very little via Expansion relative to the talent on its roster. Warner’s retirement leaves an obvious hole -- but with the depth of defensive midfielders in Thursday’s draft and April’s College Draft, it might not be a hole they need to address in the first round.

Secondary Needs: Versatility

“We’re looking for guys that can fulfill many roles,” said head coach Jim Stagnitta. “You can only dress 19 guys. You gotta make sure you have the right 19 guys that can do multiple things.”

Versatility -- midfielders who can play attack and vice versa, players who are comfortable both dodging and off-ball -- is key in this league. Stagnitta mentioned how those players allow for on-the-fly adjustments. If you can swing one or two second half possessions via one locker room conversation, you can win a lot of games in this league. Having the right 19 players in that locker room makes those adjustments possible.

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