Calling all couch GMs. Select your team and compete weekly to win big. Build the Ultimate Lineup.


Your Fantasy Team

Salary Cap

The combined salaries of the players on your team has to be under the total salary cap. Each player’s salary is based on their expected performance compared to other players in the same position group.

Number of Players

You will need to fill your team fully with players based on the allotted positions. During the regular season, your team needs to consist of 2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 1 Defense (D, LSM, SSDM), 1 Goalie, and 1 Faceoff player for a total of 7 players

Player Salaries

New player salaries get released the Tuesday before the upcoming weekend. Salaries are based on expected value relative to the player’s position group, previous performance, and opponent.


The scoring table can be found HERE. Something you may not be accustomed to is players can earn bonuses for elite performances such as hat tricks or 15+ saves.


Players with Double Headers NEW

New this year, you can choose players that have two games in a weekend. You can choose their first game, second game, or both. If you choose both the player’s game, each game counts as a player on your team.


Generate team with PLL AI NEW

You have a new fantasy companion this year that goes by the name of PLL AI. Don’t know where to start or need a fresh strategy? Use PLL AI to generate a full team for you in one click. You can try it out here.

Joining and Creating Groups

Public vs Private Groups

Public groups: Groups that are open to any fans to join.

Private groups: Groups that you or another fan creates. You can view your weekly and season rankings on the group leaderboard.

Exclusive groups: Access to certain groups like the MVP fantasy group can only be accessed by leveling up in PLL Nation.

How to create your own group

  1. Head to the Groups tab
  2. Click Create Group
  3. Name your group and create
  4. Once created, you can update the group image or share your group link with friends

Challenge Friends

If you want bragging rights over individual friends, you can challenge them. Your head to head record against each challenger is kept throughout the season.

PLL Nation Fantasy

There are PLL Nation achievements released weekly and season long that gives out benefits based on your performance. This can include finishing in the top 25% or gaining challenger wins. There are also exclusive PLL Nation fantasy groups that you can join if you are Captain and above.