In September 2018, Bloomberg reported that Paul Rabil would be launching a new professional lacrosse league, the Premier Lacrosse League. PLL Assists was the second announcement from the league, a week after announcing the formation of the PLL. It was originally announced with three goals in mind: Growth of the game, Fighting cancer, Supporting Our Veterans.

    As PLL Assists developed and gained momentum, the three goals were expanded to the six goals PLL Assists highlights today, to better reflect all of the important work that the PLL and PLL Assists were doing in various arenas to give back to the community. The program works with non-profit organizations, domestic and international, to combat physical and mental illnesses, promote diversity and inclusion in the sport, honor the creators of the game, make a positive impact on the environment, support service members, and create access to the sport of lacrosse in communities that may not otherwise have it.