2022 Players Top 50: #10 Michael Sowers

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 14, 2022

In his first appearance in the Players Top 50, PLL Championship MVP Michael Sowers earned Top 10 honors at #10, deservedly so. 

The dynamic dodging attackman known for his skill, athleticism, and speed left his mark in his first full professional season. After being sidelined due to injury in his rookie season and playing in just two games, the collegiate superstar quickly assimilated into his role on the Waterdogs attack.

“Dealing with an injury, not getting to play last year, it makes you appreciate getting to go out there and play even more,” said Sowers. “Just being with the guys every weekend and playing alongside that group, you could see each week how we got better and better as a team.” 

Sowers led the Waterdogs in goals with 21 and points in the postseason with 12. It seemed as if anytime he took the ball to the net, it was a highlight reel worthy moment. He left even the best of defenders looking silly.

With his flashy footwork and SportsCenter worthy goals, it’s no wonder so many young players look up to the attackman. However, make no mistake - he’s as humble as they come. 

“Sometimes you have these hot shot young guys come in with a big head and that’s always a red flag,” said head coach Andy Copelan. “That’s not Michael. He came in here with humility. He asks questions, he wants to listen and learn. He’s surrounded by guys like [Kieran] McArdle and [Ryan] Brown who have been around the block and he fits so well in our locker room because of his humility and personality. He’s a team first guy.” 

When asked what his biggest piece of advice is for young players, Sowers answer was simple.

“Make sure you’re always having fun with it,” he remarked. “You should enjoy it, you should want to pick up a stick and play. I’ve always loved the game and always want to play, even if it’s just hitting the wall. My dad didn’t let me play year round when I was younger so that made it that much more fun when I did. I think that’s a lot more important than people realize.”  

With a professional championship already under his belt, this is just the beginning for Sowers and there's no doubt about it: he's having fun with it. 

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