2022 Players Top 50: #23 Garrett Epple

By Joe Keegan | Dec 8, 2022

Garrett Epple is a pure defensive playmaker. He causes turnovers while playing within the Redwoods’ scheme. There are no homerun checks gone wrong or cheating in passing lanes; Epple’s game blends fundamentals and big plays.

In his sixth season as a pro, Epple caused 19 turnovers (2nd highest mark of his career).

Some were the result of on-ball checks; most are preceded by perfect positioning and anticipation.

This second slide is not as easy as Epple makes it look. He starts at the top of your screen, defending a lefty. Typically, Chaos uses their righty-lefty field balance to find the 3-on-2 situations. Help from the weak side, and you’ve given them what they wanted. Epple slides to the picker as his teammates trap, and he arrives on hands to jar the ball loose.

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