2022 Players Top 50: #39 Marcus Holman

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 6, 2022

Marcus Holman and Will Manny have been best friends for years now thanks to the sport of lacrosse. I talked to both Marcus and Will about one another, both on and off the field. Take a look at what Will has to say about his fellow attackman.

Sarah: If you had to describe Marcus as a lacrosse player in one or as little words as possible, what would you say?

Will: A smart and gritty leader.

Sarah: What’s his greatest strength on the lacrosse field?

Will: His shooting. He can stretch the defense with a step down shot, he’ll take the extra step to increase his angle, and he makes plays for his teams that some people are incapable of. But I would say his shooting is his best asset for sure. 

Sarah: Is there an aspect of his game you think goes unnoticed?

Will: He’s fearless. He picks up more groundballs as an attackman than some players do that are positions to do so much more than us on attack. His ability to pick up three or four groundballs a game doesn't get noticed as much as maybe somebody scoring a between-the-legs goal that’s all over the internet. His groundball play is the best in lacrosse as an attackman. 

Sarah: Marcus mentioned that you guys get labeled as off-ball shooters at this stage in your careers, but both of you are still such dynamic players. How do you think both Marcus and yourself have responded to that on the field? 

Will: What people haven’t really noticed about him and yeah, I’ll include myself in that, is teams have been face-guarding us and playing us differently for 2 or 3 years now. It’s hard, it’s really hard to defeat that, and he takes that really well and keeps me level-headed.

Sarah: What is Marcus’s greatest strength as a teammate? 

Will: He’s so easy to be around as a teammate because you know he’s there to win. You never doubt Marcus’s reason for being at practice or readiness for a game. He’s always there for one reason and one reason only. 

Sarah: Looking back on the 2022 season, is there any one particular game you think best exemplifies the kind of player he is?

Will: I would say our game in Minnesota [7/1 versus the Redwoods]. He scored 4 goals [including a 2-pointer], and it was a weird game, we slowed down at some points as an offense but were able to pick it back up. Marcus though, he put the ball in the net at crunch time and I just remember looking at him, because we hadn’t had that type of play between the two of us and I’ll always remember that game winning goal of his, counting the goals on his fingers. He just was so clutch for us and played exceptional that day. For him, he’s such a humble teammate when you’re in the locker room with him and he doesn’t care if he scores one goal or five, just as long as we win.

Friends for years now, Marcus and Will’s bond goes far beyond the lacrosse field. 

Sarah: What’s your favorite story about Marcus? It doesn’t necessarily have to be lacrosse related.

Will: I think it’d have to be when he asked me to be a groomsman in his wedding. There’s plenty of cool stories and experiences we’ve shared together, but as a friend I was there for his engagement, I was there for his wedding, and I think being a part of that really tied another notch on our friendship. That was a really cool moment in our friendship and I think something that younger kids who are in the game of lacrosse can look at and see that the game can bring you so much.

Sarah: Alright, part one of two of my last question. If you were to pick any actor to play Marcus in a movie, who would you choose and why?

Will: Hugh Jackman. He’s a badass, but also stubborn.

Sarah: Okay and if you were to pick someone to play you in a movie, who would you pick?

Will: My first thought goes to Mark Wahlberg.

Spoiler alert: Marcus also picked Mark Wahlberg to play Will.

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