2022 Players Top 50: #40 Will Manny

By Sarah Griffin

Dec 6, 2022

No one knows you as well as your best friend. I spoke to Marcus Holman about his Archers teammate and best friend Will Manny, and with Will about Marcus. Read what Marcus has to say about his fellow attackman.

Sarah: If you had to describe Will as a lacrosse player in one or as little words as possible, what would you say?

Marcus: I’d call him a lethal lefty scorer. 

Sarah: What is Will’s greatest strength on the lacrosse field?

Marcus: His off-ball ability and his scoring ability are his two greatest strengths. 

Sarah: Is there an aspect of his game you think goes unnoticed?

Marcus: His ability to play at the level he does as one of the best players in the league and as one of the smallest guys on the field I think often goes unnoticed. It just goes to show his competitiveness and size of heart, he’s never let that stop him from being such an impact player. 

Sarah: What kind of presence does Will bring to the Archers locker room as a teammate?

Marcus: When I think about Will, a word that comes to mind is professional. You know that Will’s going to be ready to play, he’s going to be focused and competitive on game-day. You never have to worry about him.

Sarah: Looking back on the 2022 season, is there any one particular game you think best exemplifies the kind of player Will is?

Marcus: When I look back on the season, I think back to early on when he had 5 goals against the Chaos [on 6/10 in Charlotte]. I can’t remember all the goals off the top of my head but I think two of them were right-handed shots on the run, one was vintage catch-and-shoot, and it just showcased his versatility. Him and I similarly get labeled as off-ball shooters at this stage of our careers, but if you watched us 10 years ago when we were in college, we both pride ourselves on being playmakers. We can dodge a little bit, we can score, and I think that game showcased his ability as a dynamic scorer.

Perhaps the most important question, and a testament to just just good of friends these two are:

Sarah: If you were to pick any actor to play Will in a movie, who would you pick and why?

Marcus: (without hesitation) Mark Wahlberg. He’s undersized, he’s fiery, funny, energetic, and serious. 

An important note: Will also chose Mark Wahlberg to play himself. True friendship.

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