Archers LC: 2022 College Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Apr 29, 2022


Archers ranked #1 in offensive efficiency (33.4%) and #1 in defensive efficiency (26.0%) in 2021. Their problem? They played more defense than offense.

Archers finished 6th in PLL at the stripe, winning only 44%. They’ve since traded Stephen Kelly to Cannons LC. Can Conor Gaffney (9-for-23 as a rookie) make a leap in his second pro season?

This class is thin at the faceoff position. Justin Inacio (Ohio State) is the highest ranked player on Paul Carcaterra’s Big Board at 16th.


Drew Adams retired this offseason, leaving Archers LC with only one goalie on their roster. This draft class is deep with goalies, including Owen McElroy (8th on Carc’s Big Board) and Brendan Krebs (15th).

Invert options

In four matchups against Chaos and Chrome’s slow-to-go defenses, Archers LC shot 13.7% off the dodge in settled sets. They need a tertiary initiator to take pressure off Grant Ament and Tom Schreiber.

A rookie won't be handed the keys to this offense. How do they translate from being the go-to dodger in college to playing in a star-studded offense? Head coach Chris Bates looks at that during the scouting process.

"The top end guys are likely going to all of a sudden find short-sticks," said Bates. "What can they do against them on- and off-ball? What's he going to look like when he's got Grant Ament and Tom Schreiber and Will Manny and Marcus Holman around him? How is he going to fit within that construct? You're always looking at their multidimensionality. Can they set picks? Can they move off-ball? Can they beat a short-stick? Do they share the ball?"

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