Archers LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions

A Connor Fields (via trade with Chaos LC)

Offseason Losses

D Curtis Corley (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), M Josh Currier (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), FO Brendan Fowler (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), M Ian MacKay (traded to Chaos LC), SSDM Tyler Pfister (retired)


#2 overall, #10 overall, #18 overall

#1 Need: Cover Defenseman

After losing Curtis Corley to Cannons LC via the Expansion Draft, the Archers are searching for a third close defender to complement Matt McMahon and Eli Gobrecht.

McMahon and Gobrecht give the Archers a lot of options. Each can cover and help. McMahon has owned certain matchups (i.e. Jordan Wolf) in the past. Gobrecht took some top matchups in 2020 (i.e. Rob Pannell).

The matchups that the Archers need to win: Matt Rambo and Zed Williams.

The Archers are a championship contender; they need to position themselves to beat the back-to-back champs. A bigger defender like Graeme Hossack or Ben Randall or Warren Jeffrey would help them match the Whipsnakes’ attackmen’s physicality.

Secondary Needs: Offensive Weapon, FO

Offensively, the Archers have added lefty talent (Fields) and lost righty talent (Currier) this offseason.

If they target an offensive weapon, expect it to be a righty like Randy Staats or Ryan Lee. As enticing as Daniel Bucaro is, that lefty side (already featuring Will Manny, Ryan Ambler, and Fields) would be crowded.

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