Atlas LC Entry Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 23, 2021

Offseason Additions

#3 overall Entry Draft pick, #9 overall Entry Draft pick, #8 overall 2021 College Draft pick, #11 overall 2021 College Draft pick, Redwoods LC's second round 2022 College Draft pick, Cannons LC's first round 2022 College Draft pick

Offseason Losses

A Rob Pannell (traded to Redwoods LC), M Paul Rabil (traded to Cannons LC), A Ryan Brown (traded to Waterdogs LC), M Connor Buczek (Cannons LC Expansion Draft), LSM Kyle Hartzell (player pool), M Jeremy Thompson (player pool), D Callum Robinson (player pool), G Scott Rodgers (player pool), SSDM Andrew Hodgson (retired)


#3 overall, #9 overall, #14 overall, #22 overall

#1 Need: Diverse skill sets

Head coach Ben Rubeor has mentioned that he doesn’t want all of the same type of player. He wants different skill sets. Some lefties. Some righties. Some downhill dodgers. Some invert options. Some finishers.

The same applies on the defensive side. To succeed in this league, you need defined roles -- cover guys and off-ball organizers.

The Atlas LC roster has a lot of versatility as it is currently constructed. Bryan Costabile and Joel Tinney are two-way options. John Crawley can run midfield or attack. Finding players who complement those players and the rest of the Atlas -- allowing the team to throw different defensive looks, make adjustments, and attack from various areas -- is the key for Rubeor and his staff.

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