Josh Schafer

The Building of Chaos: From team ‘potluck’ to PLL Champions

The Building of Chaos: From team ‘potluck’ to PLL Champions By Josh Schafer | Sep 21, 2021 Tweet The Chaos players and coaches all wanted a championship this way. They wanted the Whipsnakes one more time. They wanted to avenge the 2020 PLL Championship loss but also to avenge the overall 1-5 record against the […]

Pick ‘Em Preview: Championship Edition

Pick ‘Em Preview: Championship Edition By Josh Schafer | Sep 17, 2021 Tweet This is where you paste the content of the article. Whipsnakes LC vs. Chaos LC: Sunday at 12:00PM on NBC All-time series: Whipsnakes lead 5-1 Prop bets to watch Zed Williams: over/under 4.5 points This one sticks out because it will be a key […]

Semifinals Preview

Semifinals Preview By Josh Schafer | Sep 3, 2021 Tweet Happy Friday! If you’re like most people and your bracket is already in the trash, don’t worry. There are plenty of side wagers to look into for this weekend and we highlight some below. But before the Rocky training montage begins in preparation for this weekend’s games […]

Mikie Schlosser proves perfect match for Waterdogs style

The face of the Premier Lacrosse League’s top seeded club is covered in bangs. His hairstyle is some portion of Sunshine from ‘Remember the Titans’ meets 70s rocker. In his free time fixes up his 1969 Volkswagen Baja Beetle or casts a fishing line.

Quarterfinals Preview

Quarterfinals Preview By Josh Schafer | Aug 20, 2021 Tweet Happy Friday! The playoffs are here. If you haven’t filled out your bracket yet and sent it in the group chat, you’re missing out. Join our bracket challenge here.  The challenge itself is simple, pick who will win each game all the way to the championship. […]

The Biggest Weekend in PLL History

The Biggest Weekend in PLL History By Josh Schafer | Aug 15, 2021 Tweet Happy Friday! Congratulations to our Pick ’Em winner last week who not only predicted all five games correctly, but also nailed the total shots tiebreaker on the nose. Enjoy your Epoch Lacrosse shaft. This week’s Pick ‘Em winner will receive a Champion […]

Pick ‘Em Preview: Week 7

Pick ‘Em Preview: Week 7 By Josh Schafer | Jul 30, 2021 Tweet Happy Friday! It’s been too long since we’ve been previewing matchups, and Epoch Lacrosse wants to reward us for waiting patiently. They’re giving a custom Epoch Lacrosse shaft to one person with the most accurate picks this week. A big storyline to watch when […]

The Making of the Glick: ‘A war against average’

The Making of the Glick: ‘A war against average’ By Josh Schafer | Jul 29, 2021 Tweet What Mark Glicini is about to do doesn’t make much sense, at least not to most people. A few feet away from a 100 mph shot, most people would duck. They’d dodge the shot and live to fight […]

Pick ‘Em Preview: Week 5

Pick ‘Em Preview: Week 5 By Josh Schafer | Jul 9, 2021 Tweet Happy Friday! We’re celebrating the end of this rigorous four-day work week by giving away $100. But you have to play along to get the money. Whoever finishes with the best record in this week’s PLL Pick ‘Em will be entered to win […]