Carcaterra: Round 1 Mock Draft

By Paul Carcaterra | May 3, 2022

The 2022 College Draft fueled by Gatorade will air live on ESPNU and ESPN+ on Tuesday, May 10th at 8:00PM ET.

For information on draft order, draft history, team needs, and more, visit Draft Central.

ESPN analyst Paul Carcaterra shared his mock draft of Round 1:

1. Chrome LC - Chris Gray, A, UNC

2. Atlas LC - Matt Moore, A/M, Virginia

3. Redwoods LC - Arden Cohen, D, Notre Dame

4. Archers LC - Brendan Nichtern, A, Army

5. Atlas LC - Koby Smith, D/LSM, Towson

6. Chaos LC - Brett Kennedy, D/LSM, Syracuse

7. Whipsnakes LC - Logan Wisnauskas, A, Maryland

8. Chaos LC - Roman Puglise, SSDM, Maryland

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