Carc’s College Draft Board: Offensive Midfielders

By Paul Carcaterra | Mar 12, 2021

1. Connor Kirst, M, Rutgers

2. Tre Leclaire, M, Ohio State

The 6-2, 211 pound righty out of British Columbia will have 2-point range at the next level.

3. Jamie Trimboli, M, Syracuse

Trimboli is one of three Orange midfielders with more than 100 points this decade, alongside JoJo Marasco (155) and Sergio Salcido (107).

4. Dox Aitken, M, Virginia

After a brief stint with the Villanova football team, Aitken is back in Charlottesville. He's a two-way threat at the next level, playing in a pro-paced offense already for Lars Tiffany.

5. Charlie Bertrand, M, Virginia

The two-time DII Player of the Year at Merrimack already has 15 goals and five assists in seven games with the 'Hoos.

Stay tuned for the top two-way midfielders and SSDMs.

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