Mic’d Up Moments That Defined The 2019 Season

This summer NBC Sports and PLL cameras brought us onto the sideline, within the huddle, and under players’ helmets. We didn’t have to wait until a game ended to find out what players were thinking about a certain moment. Analyst Ryan Boyle could just ask them.
Top 10 Moments Of The Redwoods Season

Top 10 Moments Of The Redwoods Season

10. The Comeback That Could Have Been A four-goal run in the middle of the inaugural Championship game created a seven-goal cushion for Whipsnakes heading into the final minutes of the third quarter. After Jack Near and Ryder Garnsey narrowed the lead to five with under a minute to play in the third, a failed clear by Whipsnakes led to a transition opportunity for Redwoods. Near found Sergio Perkovic on a skip pass through the Whipsnakes’ recovering defense and Perkovic unloaded a two-point bomb that brought his team within three.

Top 10 Moments Of The Chrome Season

Top 10 Moments Of The Chrome Season The number of memorable moments for Chrome this summer far outweighed their record (2-10). The offense rounded into one of the PLL’s most potent units and recorded the two highest scoring performances of the regular season. Those two wins were against the league’s toughest competition. From Gutty’s goals …

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The Whipsnakes’ Journey To The Crown

When the rosters were announced, the Whipsnakes were identified by their strong Maryland alumni base. 20 Terps from Drew Snider (Class of 2012) to Connor Kelly (Class of 2018) gave this club instant chemistry and culture.

Top 10 Moments Of The Whipsnakes Season

10. Jim Stagnitta Pushing All the Right Buttons All season Jim Stagnitta showed why he is one of the best coaches in the world. However, his most notable adjustment came in Week 8 as he moved Connor Kelly to attack. This move not only created more space for Rambo as the long lefty at attack but also mismatches as Ben Reeves ran out of the box as a midfielder. Since the move in Week 8, the Whipsnakes offense was unstoppable, averaging nearly 15 goals a game, two more than their season average.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Championship Edition

1. Rambo’s vision in pick-and-rolls Last week, Connor Fields was stranded on Landis Island. Matt Landis locked him down for 48 minutes. While we billed Landis against Matt Rambo (3G, 3A) as the marquee matchup, the Whipsnakes had different plans.

Drew Snider: Chasing Championships

On a wooden desk in Drew Snider’s office there’s enough hardware to fill an aisle at Home Depot. There’s three professional championship rings, two World Games medals, and an assortment of other accolades.
Who Is The Best 2-Way Midfielder In The World?

Perkovic vs. Bernhardt: Who Is The Best Two-Way Midfielder In The World?

In any sport, the best teams are the teams that adapt to the current set of rules. This starts with roster construction and continues on the field. Rules shape the speed and style of play. But rules are also constantly changing — just ask faceoff specialists. The Premier Lacrosse League is playing with a shorter field (100 yards) and a shorter shot clock (52 seconds) than field lacrosse has ever seen. It’s no surprise then that the two teams competing for the Crown — the Redwoods and the Whipsnakes — are the two best teams at the parts of the game that these rules emphasize: transitioning from defense to offense and from offense to defense.