Chrome LC: 2022 College Draft Needs

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Apr 29, 2022

Go-to initiator

Chrome finished last in:

  • Offensive efficiency (25.6%)
  • Unassisted shooting percentage (19.0%)
  • Shooting percentage on shots initiated at X (24.7%)
  • Shooting percentage initiated by pick-n-rolls (23.1%)

Jordan Wolf and Ned Crotty retired. With the #1 pick, Chrome LC needs to add someone who can win their matchup and move the defense consistently.


John Galloway has been the backbone of head coach Tim Soudan’s teams for a decade. With his retirement, this defense has huge shoes (and sweatpants) to fill.

Offensive playmakers

One initiator won’t change this offense overnight. Chrome’s offense is at its best when it can attack from all four quadrants. Dylan Molloy and Jordan MacIntosh give them options from the righty wing. John Ranagan and Colin Heacock from up top. Who dodges from X and from the lefty wing?

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