Entry Draft Spotlight: Nick Marrocco

By Kyle Devitte | Mar 25, 2021

One of the most explosive goaltenders from pipe to pipe in the pro game, Marrocco has a style of goalkeeping that fuses fundamentals and positional acumen with stick mirroring spastic movements. In an age of goalkeeping where arc and pipe proximity are topics of conversation among the crease-contained elites, Marrocco deserves a place amongst the elite. If only because his rebound control is elite compared to most of the other goalies in this draft.

An aggressive stalking presence in the net, Marrocco doesn’t exactly exude danger out of uniform. At 6’, 180 lb. he looks more like every other guy from Massachusetts wearing a backward Red Sox hat. He’s unassuming, and it’s a sharp contrast to his on-field persona. As a former pro captain, Marrocco does not shrink in a locker room - he adds to it.

It goes without saying that goalies need to stop the ball. But where and when they stop the ball is the difference between wins and losses. Marrocco had one of the best games of his career against the Outlaws in the 2020 MLL championship game last summer, continually denying inside shots from John Grant Jr., Ryan Lee and Dan Bucaro. He made stops with quick stick drops, holding his pipe and even sprawling to cover the far side. It was a remarkable performance and Marrocco did it after reaggravating a thumb injury just days earlier.

A team drafting Marrocco gets a pure shot-stopper with a modern hybrid style that fits perfectly into the pro game. They’re also getting a goalkeeper that is entering his prime with the experience and the ability to match current PLL starters. A 2018 Georgetown graduate, Marrocco has been a pro starter despite going undrafted in the MLL. History will not repeat itself; Marrocco will be drafted onto a pro roster in the PLL Entry Draft.

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