PLL Weekly Fantasy is Live – Here’s how to play

By Brenden Coleman | May 17, 2024

Where to play

You can play in the PLL APP or on the website. In the app head to the Weekly Fantasy tab and start picking. There's plenty of time between now and the start of the season to tamper with your team over and over again - your 83rd edit is probably a winner.

Your Fantasy Team

You pick weekly

There's nothing worse than having to crawl your way our of the bottom because you didn't have the perfect draft. With Weekly Fantasy, you may make questionable choices, but they aren't stuck with you all season. You can continue to ride with the same players each week - if they don't become too expensive and put you over the salary cap.

Salary Cap

The combined salaries of the players on your team has to be under the total salary cap. That means a player can have different salaries week over week. Each player’s salary is based on their expected performance compared to other players in the same position group. There are a bunch of strategies, but if you can find those players in the lower salary range that far outperform... you'll be setting yourself up really well.

Number of Players

You will need to fill your team fully with players based on the allotted positions. During the regular season, your team needs to consist of 2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 1 Defense (D, LSM, SSDM), 1 Goalie, and 1 Faceoff player for a total of 7 players.

You can select players throughout the weekend as long as their games haven’t started. So if you see a player gets hurt in the first game of their double header and you chose their second game, you can switch them with another player that hasn’t played yet.

Player Salaries

New player salaries get released the Tuesday before the upcoming weekend. Salaries are based on expected value relative to the player’s position group, previous performance, and some other secret sauce our PLL Stats team cooked up.


🆕 Generate team with PLL AI

generate team with ai

PLL AI has entered the chat

You have a new fantasy companion this year that goes by the name of PLL AI.

Don’t know where to start or need a fresh strategy? Use PLL AI to generate a full team for you in one click.

Your friend says it's too much work to do each week. Call them out and tell them to just make PLL AI work for them.

Joining and Creating Groups

Public vs Private Groups

Right now, if you create a group and get 3 of your friends to join and submit their teams, you will qualify for a change to win 4 PLL jerseys!

Public groups: Groups that are open to any fans to join.

Private groups: Groups that you or another fan creates. You can view your weekly and season rankings on the group leaderboard.

Exclusive groups: Access to certain groups like the MVP fantasy group can only be accessed by leveling up in PLL Nation.

How to create your own group

  1. Head to the Groups tab
  2. Click Create Group
  3. Name your group and create
  4. Once created, you can update the group image or share your group link with friends


Challenge Friends

If you want bragging rights over individual friends, you can challenge them. Your head to head record against each challenger is kept throughout the season.

The record next to your team name is your total record against all challengers.

How to challenge someone:

  1. Go to the Challengers tab
  2. Click the Challenge a Friend button
  3. Share it out

PLL Nation Fantasy


There are PLL Nation achievements released weekly and season long that gives out benefits based on your performance. This can include finishing in the top 25% or gaining challenger wins. There are also exclusive PLL Nation fantasy groups that you can join if you are Captain and above.



Calling all couch GMs. Set your lineup, compete with friends and win big weekly.