Film Study: Connor Kirst setting slam picks

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jun 16, 2022

The Whipsnakes’ pick location felt off in Week 1. They set picks for Matt Rambo deep at X. There were no slam picks set into the rotation of the ball at GLE. In Week 2, they got back to their DNA.

Connor Kirst fought through contact to set a couple of those signature slam picks right where Rambo wants them set. Rambo – who shot 0-for-4 with a turnover off pick-n-rolls at X in Week 1 – had a goal and two assists off pick-n-rolls in Week 2.

Kirst’s wing dodge in the second quarter created a hangup for Rambo. Meh. Hangups are just procrastinating offense. Kirst hustles to the opposite side of the crease to set a slam pick – and Rambo finds him rolling for a high percentage shots.

Later in the game, Kirst’s slam pick produced a switch for Rambo. When the Waterdogs slid to the mismatch, Rambo found Kirst inside for the finish.

Kirst was in-and-out of the lineup as a rookie. After John Haus’s retirement, it’s time for him to step up. These picks and reinforcements of head coach Jim Stagnitta’s gameplans are what Haus used to do so well. Kirst is doing the little things well; his breakout scoring game is coming soon.

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