Jarrod Neumann Lacrosse Fastest Shot
Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi.

Jarrod Neumann Records Fastest Shot in PLL History

By Daniel May

Jul 24, 2023

Jarrod Neumann remains untouched in the fastest-shot competition. On Saturday night in Louisville, Neumann once again broke the world record for the fastest shot.

121 MPH!

What’s most fascinating about Neumann’s accomplishment was a story shared by Blaze Riorden in the press conference afterwards.

The two have been roommates on the road for the past five years and have shared many great experiences together. Once again, there were more antics.

“He opened up his bag yesterday, looked at me with the widest eyes, and went, ‘I forgot my sticks,’” said Riorden. 

In a hurry, Neumann got to work finding a new stick to use for the trip.

Along with the help of Patrick 'Packy' Watson, Chaos team liaison, and John 'Woodchuck' Serina, longtime stick stringer for Neumann - they got it done. But not without some trial and error.

After missing the net all of Friday with his first new stick, Neumann had to scrap it and start anew. Quickly, Packy and Woodchuck got on the phone together Saturday morning to get another one strung up.

“At 11:00 am during the walkthrough was the first time I even touched [the stick he used to break the record]. Made a couple adjustments right before the game, but it worked,” said Neumann.

Then came the competition.

His first shot that missed the cage felt like the one.

“The one that missed felt really good and it hit the ground. I knew I pulled it a little too hard and I think Blaze said to me after, ‘It was perfect shot, perfect time.’ But like, I put everything I had into that one, sold out going towards the net,” said Neumann.

Finally, his second shot made it to the cage.

“When it hit the net I was happy. That's why I kind of paused for a second and I just knew if it hit I finally probably broke that 120 mark,” he said.

He followed that up by scoring two two-point goals in the All-Star game.

I think what you've seen out of Jarrod tonight is what we've known about Jarrod since the inception of this league,” said Andy Towers. “Nothing surprises me that he does.”

When asked about how he’s able to shoot so hard, Neumann detailed this weekly grind.

“I train really hard. I train at 5:00 AM and then at 6:00 PM, you know,  I drive an hour to go train and strengthen my conditioning in Denim every night, four nights a week. It takes a lot on your body, but I try to be a professional. I try to do it for these guys [his Chaos teammates],” said Neumann.

Lastly, before he left the podium he left us all with one piece of advice.

“It’s never too late,” said Neumann. “For all those kids out there learning, I picked up a stick at 18 years old, it’s never too late.”

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