Eight NHL-PLL Comparisons

Matt Rambo x Gordie Howe

Matt Rambo and Gordie Howe are power forwards. Most attackmen square up their defender and split to the left or right — Rambo opts to run right through his man. He blends brutal physicality with crafty finishing and passing vision in a way that few others can.

Michael Ehrhardt x Bobby Orr

Bobby Orr revolutionized his position as a puck-rushing, play-making defenseman. Michael Ehrhardt is doing the same in lacrosse. Their peers are most comfortable at the blue line or the two-point arc. Orr and Ehrhardt venture deeper into the zone to create offense. Ehrhardt hangs around when he has an opposing offensive midfielder trapped. He picks for switches, lets his teammates play five-on-five, and frees up Matt Rambo for shots.

Connor Fields x Sidney Crosby

There’s no NHL player who regularly makes defenders trip on their own feet or fall for behind the back fakes — so Sidney Crosby will have to suffice here. Fields and Crosby are both high-volume offensive players who can create for themselves or for teammates — usually with a few fakes mixed in.

Josh Byrne x Evgeni Malkin

Josh Byrne is the Evgeni Malkin to Fields’ Crosby. He’s a “secondary” playmaker, but only because he’s playing with one of the league’s best primary playmakers. Byrne is as dangerous off the dodge as he is off the catch. There’s nobody better sweeping to the middle off a pass down pick down on a slow break. Byrne doesn’t get the credit he deserves because the spotlight is on Fields, but if he keeps playing with Fields, these two are bound to hoist the championship trophy at some point.

Marcus Holman x Alexander Ovechkin

Elite offensive players with no weaknesses. Holman and Ovechkin were at the top of the leaderboard in goals scored for their 2019 seasons. Both can score from anywhere on the playing surface; left wing, right wing, up top, down low, it doesn’t matter. These two are masters at finding the back of the net. Their balanced playing style makes them near impossible to guard. Give them too much space and they will zoom it top-shelf. When defenders overextend, they are elusive enough to beat their man and the slide coming as well. The type of players that put fans on their feet when they have possession.

Justin Guterding x Auston Matthews

Next Up. Two young superstars that will be mainstays in their leagues for the next decade. The lefties are able to make plays when least expected. Both are nightmares for goalies around the crease. Each has reached the pinnacle of stick work with their dominant hand, it looks as though their stick is an extension of their bodies. Future MVPs in the making.

Brodie Merrill x Zdeno Chara

Household names for several decades. Athletes that keep their bodies in peak physical condition. They have disciplined off the field/ice lifestyles. Each has a strict, healthy diet that gives them an edge over their competition. Every decision they make has a purpose. There is a reason why they have lasted longer than their peers. On the playing surface, they are dominating forces who make game-changing plays for their teams. Two legends whose names will go down in history as some of the best to ever strap it up.

Paul Rabil x Wayne Gretzky

Torchbearers who have inspired future generations. Two names that are synonymous with their respective sport. 99’s who journeyed West to Los Angeles to put lacrosse and hockey on the map. Both brought their niche sport to the national stage.

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