The Player’s Lounge: Eddy Glazener

By Eddy Glazener

Looking back at the history of college lacrosse, no team has, in recent record, won a National Championship four years in a row (thank you Wikipedia). In other words, every player has dealt with a season ending defeat. For seniors, that has often meant a career ending loss.

In 2016, after a devastating defeat in the NCAA Quarterfinals, I left the field with my Notre Dame teammates, facing the sobering reality that this would be the last time we walked off together. For me, I believed my lacrosse career was over, and I would never play on the same field as my best friends.

Or so I thought...

Fast forward three years, and I had been given the opportunity to play for the PLL. I'm back on the field with some of my closest friends from Notre Dame, all of us determined to earn something that we could not achieve in college; a Championship. Yet, as I face another Championship run, I can't help but look back at the words that were exchanged after that loss in 2016.

If you've ever experienced a season ending loss, you know what it's like; 50+ players, numerous coaches and trainers, sitting in a silent locker room, waiting for the first to speak. Slowly, players begin to open up, thanking those who meant the most to them throughout the season. In that locker room four years ago, I found myself saying words I should have expressed earlier in the season. Looking back, I wish I had told my teammates, coaches, and trainers how they had influenced me, not only during my senior season, but throughout my Notre Dame career.

Rather than waiting for Saturday, win or lose, I wanted to share my thoughts now, so my teammates, coaches, trainers, and family know exactly how much I value their companionship, guidance, and wisdom going into one of the biggest games of my lacrosse career:

To the Redwoods staff, especially to Coach Nat, thank you for all that you have done for the team, the program, and for me. You have had all our backs since day 1, and am glad things worked out the way they did.

Kyle Harrison, Greg Gurenlian, and Joe Walters, players who I never could’ve imagined sharing the field with, thank you for showing me, and everyone else, what leadership is all about.

Matt Kavanagh, one of the toughest guys I’ve ever played with. People may remember you for that OT goal vs. Albany in 2014, the celebration that decorated the cover of Lacrosse Magazine, but I will remember you always for the play you made right before that, diving to save a ball from going out of bounds (nice handle Ossello)... you’ve always left it all on the field.

Matt Landis and Garrett Epple, I never thought we’d be back playing together. You both deserve every accolade they can give you, thanks for making this season so special for me. They say defense wins championships, time to prove it.

Timmy and Ryder, what you both have done this season has been nothing short of impressive. You have both come in and made immediate impacts at the professional level. Keep having fun doing it.

Coach Corrigan and Coach Byrne, thank you for taking a chance on me 8 years ago, it was a dream come true to play for the both of you.

Hannah, thank you for always supporting my passions and staying by my side since senior year of college.

Mom, WE MADE IT. You took me all over the country to help get me to the next level, thanks for always believing in me.

Dad, thanks for playing catch with me all those years in the street, using a baseball glove instead of a stick. Couldn’t have done it without you. I hope I can be half the husband, father, and friend you are.

To the rest of my Redwoods teammates, I am going to miss the weekends we have shared. We get one more together; let’s make it one to remember.


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