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Premier Lacrosse League Announces Results of First Covid-19 Tests

LOS ANGELES, CA. (JULY 18, 2020) - The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced today the results of the first round of COVID-19 testing and updated medical procedures in alignment with recent CDC guidelines. Staff and players on Active Rosters who did not test positive will be permitted to travel to Utah, where they will undergo a second round of testing on Sunday, July 19th.

  • In total, 255 individuals (players, staff, coaches) have been tested to date.
  • There were 245 tests with a negative result.
  • There were 2 tests with a positive result.
  • There were 6 inconclusive test results.
  • There were 2 COVID-19 Recovered players.

Inconclusive Tests

  • Six tests, spanning the Archers, Chaos, Waterdogs and Whipsnakes lacrosse clubs came back as inconclusive.
  • Per our protocol, an individual with an inconclusive result will take two additional tests, 24-hours apart, upon arrival.
  • Those with inconclusive tests will not be permitted on the charter flight and will be isolated in their own rooms until we receive two negative tests 24-hours apart. 


  • On July 17th, the CDC issued updated guidance on necessary isolation and return to work/play. The pertinent updates to our PLL protocols include (1) following a positive test, the mandatory quarantine was updated to be 10-days, rather than 14-days; and (2) the count for days in quarantine begins the day of the test, not the day that the PLL received the result. 
  • Previous CDC guidance, including the 14-day quarantine from test “results” day (July 18th), hindered an athletes ability to enter the bubble prior to the final games of the series. Updated CDC guidelines enable the possibility of players to enter the bubble for play on July 27th. 
    • Updated Protocol Based on Latest Guidance: Test (7/15) + 10 day quarantine (7/25) + one day for player on-site physical/work-up (7/26) = Play on 7/27
  • This updated timeline will also apply to any individual that tests positive upon arrival testing, allowing for a possible return to play rather than automatic disqualification. 
  • Any person seeking this permission must undergo daily telemedicine appointments with the PLL Medical Team to monitor symptoms and temperature. The person must be completely symptom free for 10-days; any symptoms will reset the clock.  
  • Upon arrival, these players will undergo a full physical and cardiology evaluation.

COVID-19 Recovered

  • The PLL was aware that two players had previously tested positive for COVID-19 in the month prior to the league-wide testing. Per the CDC, the tests fell within a time period that is considered part of the recovery window, which could lead to unreliable results. Accordingly, the tests those players subsequently took with the PLL were deemed unreliable by the PLL COVID-19 Committee. 
  • The two affected players will undergo rigorous physical and internal medicine testing upon arrival at the Championship Series, including a full cardiology evaluation before being permitted to return to play.

Roster Management

  • Head Coaches were notified of the players and coaches on their staff that are inconclusive and/or positive. 
  • Each coach has the option to replace any of those individuals with a player that is on the Restricted Roster.
  • If a coach elects to wait for an inconclusive and/or positive player to return to his roster, that Club will need to begin mini-camp and the Championship Series with a limited roster in order to leave room for those players to return. No Club will be permitted to have more than 22 players travel to the Championship Series at any point.

About The Premier Lacrosse League

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) is a men’s professional lacrosse league in North America, composed of 7 teams rostered with the best players in the world. Co-founded by lacrosse superstar Paul Rabil and his brother, serial entrepreneur and investor, Mike Rabil, the Premier Lacrosse League is backed by an investment group composed of Joe Tsai Sports, Brett Jefferson Holdings, The Raine Group, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and other top investors in sports and media. The PLL season is distributed through an exclusive media-rights agreement with NBC Sports Group. For more information, visit and follow on social media: Instagram (@PLL), Twitter (@PremierLacrosse), Facebook (@PremierLacrosseLeague) and YouTube (

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