Utah Archers attackman Connor Fields

Ranking Connor Fields’ top five most absurd PLL goals

By Zach Carey | Jul 10, 2024

Connor Fields No. 1 "SportsCenter" highlight goal against the Maryland Whipsnakes was one for the ages. Dubbed the “goal of the year” by ESPN’s Paul Carcaterra and the “goal of the century” by teammate Grant Ament, it’s another in a long line of mind-boggling Fields goals. 

His highlight-prone playing style is a joy to watch. It’s also a huge benefit for the Utah Archers’ offense. Fields’ ability to get off a shot from any angle, against any defender, from practically anywhere on the field makes him a late shot clock cheat code for Utah.

“He’s such a magician with the stick,” Ament said. “He’s probably one of the best guys to have the ball in their stick in those 10 seconds left [situations], maybe it’s a five-on-six. And he’ll just kind of make something happen. We always expect it from him.”

Fields – one of eight Archers players selected to this Saturday’s PLL All-Star Game – led the league in goals scored with fewer than 10 seconds remaining on the shot clock in 2023. His creativity plus his pure strength both in his core and in his wrists separate him as one of the best dodging threats in lacrosse. 

“Our group recognizes his unique skill set,” Archers head coach Chris Bates said. “You’ve got All-Stars around him. But with what he does and how he does it, it’s typically a pretty smart play to have the ball end with him towards the back end of the shot clock.”

Courtesy of his deep bag of tricks and all those late shot clock opportunities, Fields has scored countless highlight goals. But which five are the best?

5. Behind-the-back goal after drawing a hold vs. Whipsnakes

Overshadowed by his between-the-legs heroics later in Saturday’s game was Fields’ 10-yard behind-the-back score.

Soaking that contact to the head and neck, staying on his feet, regaining his balance and then firing the ball five-hole from behind his back at 10 yards out is not normal. It speaks to the absurdity of what happened later in the game that this one hardly registered after the fact. 

4. Backhanded goal after hitting the dirt vs. Waterdogs

Late in the shot clock against the Waterdogs in Salt Lake City last year, Fields proved yet again that he can never be counted out when he’s dodging at the cage.

Despite falling down because of a push in the back, he picked himself up off the ground, dug his shoulder back into his defender, took the wrap check and then turned and flung a backhanded shovel shot past Dillon Ward

There’s no check, no degree of physicality that Fields can’t dodge through. He’s never out of the play and can always find some ridiculous way to put the ball on net. 

3. High-to-high one-hander vs. Redwoods

The Albany product has been notching "SportsCenter" highlights for a while now. 

Back in Fields’ days with the Chaos, another one-handed score of his landed at No. 6 on "SportsCenter's" Top 10.

Scoring a one-handed bottom-hand goal is one thing. Doing it against a Dave Pietramala Defensive Player of the Year in Garrett Epple is another. Doing it high-to-high after putting said DPOY on skates is unreal. 

2. Between-the-legs goal vs. Cannons

Before Saturday’s absurdities, Fields’ nearly identical goal in the 2023 season opener held the top spot.

Fields might not go to his right hand often. But when he needs to turn back right, his bottom-hand shenanigans tend to do the trick. 

1. Between-the-legs goal vs. Whipsnakes

Against two-time Defensive Player of the Year Matt Dunn, Fields hit a shot that is nearly physically impossible.

“To put it top shelf with some mustard on it is pretty wild,” Bates said. “We needed it. It’s against one of the best defensemen out there. I give Fieldsy style points, but at the end of the day, it’s a goal that counts and it was pretty impressive.” 

There’s plenty more to Fields’ game than the clips that end up on "SportsCenter." But his tendency to get there makes him one of the most fun and most dangerous players in the game.