Sean Sconone: Stuffing 78% of shots from the righty side By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Aug 17, 2022 Every goalie has their own unique strengths. Atlas LC goalie Jack Concannon denies doorstep shots at an incredible rate. Waterdogs LC goalie Dillon Ward plays on a high arc to cut down angles against stepdown shots. Chaos […]
Jeff Teat and Chris Gray are the two stars on the left and right side of Atlas LC’s offensive sets. The first overall pick in the 2021 College Draft and the second overall pick in the 2022 College Draft are the building blocks of this offense. Part of what makes them and this offense hum so efficiently: They’re both better off-ball than they are dodging.
If the Waterdogs’ offensive gameplan wasn’t obvious enough, head coach Andy Copelan called it out verbatim during a timeout: “Up pick with whoever doesn’t have 91.”
The Whipsnakes have struggled to put together a full 48 minutes of offense this season. Head coach Jim Stagnitta estimates that they played a solid 44 minutes against the Archers. Their offense flowed well, with Brad Smith (3G, 1A) dodging downhill and Zed Williams (2G, 2A) playing his best game of 2022. The difference? They went back to an old but familiar set.
Jesse Bernhardt wears the proverbial green dot on his helmet for the Chrome LC defense. He’s a coach on the field for a vicious and cohesive unit.
Chaos initiated a league-low 7.0 shots per game from X in 2021. That number had dipped even lower (3.8 per game) thru six games. But in Dallas, Chaos turned to their invert set – “Indiana” – with Dhane Smith (1G, 6A) running the show.
The Archers’ open Twins set has been their bread-and-butter since 2019. But in 2021, they introduced a high pick-n-roll action with Tom Schreiber playing point guard that opened up some quality shots.
After seeing Ian MacKay’s impact moving from offensive to defensive midfield, it’s time to look at other players who should test out or return to a two-way role.
34.5% of all settled shots were initiated with a two-man game in 2021 — up from 24.6% in 2020. Every team (besides Chrome LC) increased their two-man rate (i.e. the percentage of settled shots initiated by a two-man game).
10 Man Ride: Championship Preview By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 17, 2021 CLEAR! The ride is on. It’s Championship Weekend. After leading 6-3 through three quarters of the 2020 Championship, Chaos LC collapsed. Zed Williams and Whipsnakes LC roared back with a 9-0 final frame. The rematch is set for Sunday at 12PM ET […]