Sean Sconone: Stuffing 78% of shots from the righty side

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Aug 17, 2022

Every goalie has their own unique strengths. Atlas LC goalie Jack Concannon denies doorstep shots at an incredible rate. Waterdogs LC goalie Dillon Ward plays on a high arc to cut down angles against stepdown shots. Chaos LC goalie Blaze Riorden excels against low shots by only using his legs -- dropping to a butterfly technique.

Then there are trends that hold true for all goalies. Save percentage is higher against unassisted shots than it is against assisted shots. Righty goalies are better against shots from the lefty side. Ditto for lefty goalies against the righty side.

But Sean Sconone’s splits against the righty side are out of control.

Sconone stopped 11 of 12 shots from the righty side against Cannons LC on Saturday. He’s up to 78.2% on the season against shots from there. Especially when the pass is coming from that side, his angle play eliminates every inch of twine.

In tight, Sconone’s quick stick shines. He can match every fake you throw and still be ahead of the next one. His hands are lightning quick. This doorstep stop would make even Concannon’s jaw drop.

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