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Players Top 50: #8 Matt Rambo

After missing time due to injury, Matt Rambo once again showed up when the Whipsnakes needed him most. His game-winning goal in overtime of the quarterfinals against the Redwoods induced deja vu.

10 Man Ride: The Rematch Preview

CLEAR! The ride is on. It’s gameday. We have 10 bullet points to prepare you for Whips-Woods at 4:00PM ET on NBC and Chaos-Chrome at 7:30PM ET on NBC Sports Network. Let’s go!

Why the Whipsnakes Punt on 4th Down

NFL teams are going for it on fourth-and-2 about twice as often as they did in 2008. It’s time for lacrosse coach’s to go in the opposite direction – and to bring out the punters on fourth down.

Whipsnakes’ Off-Ball Screens and Cuts

Whipsnakes’ Off-Ball Screens and Cuts By Joe Keegan | Apr 14, 2020 Every offense aims to maximize its catch-and-shoot chances. Moving the ball (and the goalie) gives the shooter an advantage. Across the league, six-on-six shooting percentage jumps 50.7% (from 21.6% when unassisted to 32.6% when assisted) when a pass is made. For the Whipsnakes, […]
Tom Schreiber comes in at No. 1 on the list of top PLL passers

The Top 10 Passers in the PLL

The Top 10 Passers in the PLL By Jake Watts | Mar 27, 2020 The assist has long been the benchmark for ranking passers in lacrosse; a legacy stat that has its faults. The metric ignores the opportunities passers create that do not result in a goal. Shooters in the PLL missed 992 assisted shots […]

From My Point of View: What I See Against the World’s Best Shooters

From My Point of View: What I See Against the World’s Best Shooters By Kyle Bernlohr | Mar 26, 2020 I’ve spent the last few days of quarantine evaluating (aka over-evaluating) all the different shooters in the PLL and came to my own conclusion, who, from my perspective are the five best shooters in the […]
11 NBA x PLL Player Comparisons

11 NBA x PLL Player Comparisons

Lacrosse is a sport that showcases all skill sets. The game features speedsters, bulldozers, shooters, tacticians, and pure athletes. Those skill sets cross over to other sports, especially basketball. The inventor of basketball, James Naismith, gained inspiration from lacrosse when creating the new sport.

Head to Head Matchup: Blaze Riorden vs. Matt Rambo

Blaze Riorden found out 10 minutes before warmups Sunday afternoon that he’d have an additional role during the inaugural PLL All-Star Game. With the late scratch of Miles Thompson, Team Rambo had only five attackmen, so the 25-year-old Chaos LC goalie volunteered for double duty. He procured arm pads plus a helmet without a throat guard from the equipment manager and borrowed Drew Snider’s backup stick.