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GAME RECAP: Archers defeat Chrome in Post Season Round 2

Archers vs. Chrome Postseason Round 2 Recap

After Redwoods punched their ticket in a convincing win over Chaos, Chrome and Archers took the field to determine who would be the final team to make it to Championship weekend and compete for the first overall draft pick.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Postseason Round 2 New York

1. A throwback throwback The Chaos went into the locker room with momentum, but the Redwoods snatched it back and took over the game in the third quarter. During that run Kyle Harrison drove down the lefty alley, drew Joe Walters’ defender, rolled back, and threw it eight yards and 10 years behind him to Walters.

Chaos vs. Redwoods Postseason Round 2 Recap

“I knew deep down all we had to do was make the playoffs,” Redwoods midfielder Joe Walters said on Wednesday. “All we had to do was get healthy, make the playoffs, and then we’ll go on a run. I think that’s what you’re seeing right now.”

Chaos LC 1-4-1 Deep Dive

It’s no secret that the Chaos offense is at its best in transition. They want to play fast, so naturally, other teams want to slow them down. At their pace of choice, the Chaos is the best team in the league. The problem: They haven’t played at their pace during their losing streak. Jarrod Neumann hasn’t hit a two-pointer in a month. He didn’t even attempt any in Columbus.

Premier Lacrosse League Announces Attendance From Week 10 In Albany

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced today an attendance total of 12,522 for the final regular season weekend’s slate of games at Tom & Mary Casey Stadium at UAlbany (Aug. 24-25), including a sell out crowd for Saturday night’s game between Atlas LC and Chaos LC.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Week 2

Welcome to the 10 Man Ride – a weekly Monday recap hitting on the 10 best stats, plays and moments of the PLL weekend. 1. Matt Dunn fighting through picks Bryce Young was featured in this space last week for turning his man into a slide, peeling off, and collapsing to the crease with a yard sale check. The Whipsnakes LC’s recoveries are airtight when they need to support the on-ball defender; this week, they hardly had to slide to one matchup: Matt Dunn versus Jordan Wolf.