Tim Troutner

Players Top 50: #47 Tim Troutner

Tim Troutner led PLL in unassisted save percentage (64.1%) in his third season as a pro. If he can see it, he can save it.The only way to beat him is to move the ball to find catch-n-shoot chances — which is easier said than done against the Woods’ defense.
Joe Walters Joins The Inside Feed

Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed

Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters on The Inside Feed By PLL | Jun 12, 2020 In the PLL’s inaugural season, Joe Walters, a 14-year veteran of the professional sport, became one of the many ferocious leaders of the Redwoods Lacrosse Club. The midfielder sat down with Emma Adams and I in the latest episode of […]

Redwoods Rookies: What Pressure?

There’s at least one goalie in the PLL who’s figured out some of Ryder Garnsey’s tendencies. Fortunately for the Redwoods, Timmy Troutner wears the same jersey as Garnsey on game days.

From Fourth Round To Fan Favorite

While it’s not uncommon for rookies to make significant impacts on their teams, Connor Farrell and Tim Troutner are not only making impacts on the field, they’re becoming household names off of it. As the Premier Lacrosse League continues to put players first and shine the spotlight on them both on and off the field, these two rookies are primed for long, successful careers.