The Inaugural PLL Sixes Tournament Recap

By Allan Rabil

An Instant Classic: PLL Sixes Provides Adult Participation

“I had never scored a goal in my life before scoring my first in the Sixes Tournament”, stated a tired but super satisfied “Free Agent” entry, Thomas Walters, from Upstate NY.  We always think as adults that our time has passed to enjoy the game of lacrosse, yet, Thomas found himself experiencing his youthful moment in the Sixes Tournament.

If you missed the chance to be a part of the inaugural Sixes Tournament on the historic DC Mall, nestled between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, then promise yourself to be a part of this adult tourney next year.  Fifteen inaugural teams (11 men and 4 women) across 4 divisions participated in the future Olympic style “run and shoot” format. 

“Teams had to be ready with some depth to compete in this run and shoot format. I now understand why this six on six will be an exciting format for the non-lacrosse audience to view on TV in the Olympics”,  said Rachael DeCecco Director of the PLL Academy.

All participants were given tickets to the Championship Game with their entry. Plus, championship teams were announced & escorted onto the field at Audi Stadium during the Championship Game.  It is never about trophies, but about the experience as a lacrosse player at any age.  

The teams had so much fun! Yet, it got competitive as the day went forward.  Teams were reliving their youthful game day experience. We had a variety of entries from D1 coaches, to women Pros, to High School Alumni teams, to self-taught adults who participated in this Tourney on the Mall.  

When the final team took a picture with the championship leaderboard, I could only imagine what year two might look like.  

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