The Player’s Lounge: Eric Law

By Eric Law

I love to win. I don’t care what we are playing, I am trying to win. But even more so, I hate to lose. I hate losing more than I like winning. Other players will be bigger, faster and stronger than me, but no one will match my will to win and absolute dread of losing. So with the start of the season that we had, we’ve been working hard day in and day out on trying to find our identity and get back in the win column.

Just as in every sport, it’s not always the most talented teams that win. It’s the teams that come together, accept their individual roles needed of them and do it to the best that they can for the better of the team. The teams that find their identity and stay true to it every single possession are the teams that will find the most success. I can feel this Atlas squad growing stronger and stronger every time we meet. The chemistry is building and I love going to battle with these guys.

The room for error from game to game, quarter to quarter and possession to possession is so slim that it is deciding the outcome of games by one play. Unfortunately, we have been victims of this, and in each of our losses, had a stretch of a few minutes where we have let the other team outplay us. So, going into Week 5 in Atlanta we knew we needed to finally put in a full 48 minutes because the Archers are a team that can go off at any time. They are insanely talented and we needed to be locked in for a full game. We needed to play desperate. Desperate for a win, fighting for every single ground ball and not wasting a single possession. A record of 2-3 is way different than 1-4. We had to put ourselves in the middle of the pack to be able to make a push at the playoffs and keep trending forward. The scariest team is always the most desperate team.

As what seems to be expected, the game came down to one goal. I can’t talk about our game without saying how well our defense played and guys stepping up to make some huge key plays. Jack was once again outstanding in goal, Trevor dominated face-offs, our D-mids (who don’t get any love) held their insanely talented midfield to minimal points, and then Crawley and Tinney stepping up with some huge goals in the fourth to seal a very hard fought victory.

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, the inaugural PLL regular season is half way done. What a crazy, exciting, entertaining and action packed season it’s been so far, and the best part of the season hasn’t even happened yet. The amount of one goal and OT games is something that can’t be made up even in a Disney movie. The talent in this league is absolutely jaw dropping and the plays guys are making are absolutely insane. I can’t believe I get to share the field with everyone. There has always been incredible talent and players in professional lacrosse, but what I have seen and realized after half of the season is the amount of investment and dedication players have put into this season is unlike anything I’ve seen.

I know it may be hard to imagine, but be ready for the level of play in the second half of the season to rise up to another level then we have already seen. I know for a fact Atlas will be ready to make a strong playoff push and looking to get hot at the end of the year. Next up, a big rematch against a strong Whipsnakes team that took it to us in the final seven minutes the last time we played. We’re ready for another battle to the final minute. 3-3 heading into the bye week is right where we want to be, 2-4 and your back is up against the wall. Time to join the herd and put those horns up!

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