The Player’s Lounge: Will Manny

By Will Manny

Four games to go in the inaugural PLL season and the Archers LC have played in six one-goal games. It’s easy to say that every weekend has been an absolute grind in search of getting in the W column. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This season has been special in so many ways. From being able to play on the same team as my two Utah Coaches — Marcus Holman and Adam Ghitelman — who I work with every day and train with all year, to being back on the same team as Tom Schreiber, who I haven’t played with since High School at St. Anthony’s and is now considered the best player in the world. On top of that, getting to suiting up in the same colors as one of my best friends and ex-teammate Scott Ratliff, who I have tremendous chemistry with. When our roster was announced I couldn’t have been more excited to play with those guys and everyone else who I’ve admired over the years. Playing the first few weeks of the season on the East Coast was also a treat, not just for me but my parents. They were able to come to five of the first six games and support me and my teammates. As of now I will never forget having my parents, my sister, my girlfriend and many others at the first-ever game in Boston. Scoring that game winner and chalking up the first W in PLL / Archers LC history will stick with me for life. Thanks for the pass D. Eipp!

This past weekend was one of the most decorated weekends in my lacrosse career; the PLL All-Star Game in Los Angeles California. From showing up to a big gift bag from Adidas to dance moves and fun at the Player's Party Saturday night. To the dress to impress red carpet Sunday afternoon for pictures, interviews and taking in the vibe of Banc Of California Stadium, this was something completely different than any of us have ever experienced, and as expected, the PLL and the players crushed it! In a game with SportsCenter type plays, 2 bombs, defenders scoring goals, and goalies making incredible saves - Team (Speed) Baptiste came out on top in a one-goal game (shocker right?) Again, I am fortunate to play with Tom Schreiber and was on the receiving end of the last goal with 55 seconds to go and it felt good to win the first-ever PLL ASG! The crowd was electric the entire game and seemed so excited during autographs and about everything that the PLL has done and will continue to do. We The Players enjoy every moment with the fans and thank you for all you do!

The next few weeks closing out the regular season are going to be looked at from each club as playoff games. The race for the playoffs is tight and every game is crucial. For the Archers LC, this one this weekend in Denver is the only one that matters. We need to all continue to be great teammates and make the plays we are individually supposed to make and find a win. The one-goal losses have stung since winning our first two games by one, and that feeling of winning in this league is a treat. We are currently on a four-game losing streak, but the best part about this game and league is that we are one play away in each game from being 6-0. But we’re not. The way I’m looking at it is we have one game seasons coming up, and the Chrome are next up Sunday in Denver. Tune in! (Odds are it’ll be a one-goal game).


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