Unleashed Spotlight: Kady Glynn, Athletes Unlimited Inaugural Season Standout

By Maggie Jent

Image via Kady Glynn’s Instagram (@kady_glynn)



BOYDS, Md. – Beginning with the launch of the United Women’s Lacrosse League in 2016 and the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League in 2018, the evolution of women’s professional lacrosse has kept players like Kady Glynn, former Patriot League Goalkeeper of the Year at nationally ranked Loyola University (Md.), eager to see what the next development in women’s lacrosse would be. In Oct. 2020, the creation of a new league, Athletes Unlimited, was announced and the opportunity to continue playing the sport at a professional level became a reality for Glynn.

Glynn, a New Jersey native and Summit High School alumni, was first introduced to the game of lacrosse by her father, Ted Glynn, former Kean University women’s lacrosse goalie coach, who would have her tag along to his Florham Park Hornets youth practices. At the time her town did not have a girls youth lacrosse program, so when Glynn was old enough to tryout she suited up in goal and played for the boys’ team through 8th grade. She went on to lead Summit High School to three-straight Group 2 State Sectional Championships and the Loyola University Greyhounds to three Patriot League conference championships.

Glynn’s motto as a goalkeeper has always been “Goalies don’t get ready, they are ready.” That quote has never been more applicable than in her Athletes Unlimited performance this season. She had heard about the league through her fellow Loyola teammates and decided to participate just a week before the league’s first game. Following graduation back in 2019, Glynn decided to begin her collegiate coaching career at Monmouth University and stayed active by hopping in drills and conditioning with her goalies during the two years prior to her professional debut. When the opportunity to play professionally came knocking on Glynn’s door, she was ready.

In her professional debut, Glynn ended the season ranked 4th overall in points and posted a career-high of nine saves. In the final championship game weekend, she made her biggest save of the season to send the game into overtime, which concluded the first Athletes Unlimited season with a 7-6 overtime win for Team Glynn.  Following her standout season, Glynn will be joining the University of Richmond women’s lacrosse coaching staff for the 2022 season and gearing up for the return of Athletes Unlimited next summer. Glynn is extremely grateful for the experience Athletes Unlimited has given her and hopes to see the league continue to grow in order to give women’s lacrosse the recognition it deserves.

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