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For the Kids (FTK) Lacrosse in Louisiana is a year-round club program focused on overall player and team development, where Louisiana Lacrosse players from around Louisiana and other states assemble to learn from and play for the best coaches in the state. This program is fully committed to training your player to be the best he can possibly be at his respective position and to achieve his personal lacrosse goals - whether that is to make his high school varsity team or play lacrosse at the next level in college. Our FTK National Teams, available at multiple age groups, play in select 'invite-only' tournaments, against extremely talented competition, while also attending college recruiting showcases to receive national exposure for our Kids.

At FTK Lacrosse, we are not only about growing the game of lacrosse in Louisiana, we are about building and fueling a love of this amazing game inside of each Kid in our program, we are instilling life lessons to be carried with them as they progress into young men. We are all about the Kids - bottom line.

FTK is a Family - A collective team of parents, coaches and players focused on providing the best possible lacrosse experience for players in the great state of Louisiana.

FTK Winter Skills Camp with Sergio Perkovic, 15-16 JAN 2022 at St. Stanislaus School, Bay St. Louis, MS:

Our vision is to provide players in Louisiana and surrounding areas access to the best coaching available; bringing in professional players to our area is something we have done since our inception and we are proud to have been able to continue that with Sergio.
Everything we do is all about the Kids - teaching them life lessons in addition to lacrosse skills.  An unexpected bonus of having Sergio is his ability to connect with our players about growing up in a "non-hotbed" area and needing to find ways to improve his game and be noticed.  He started with that in his opening talk and made an instant connection with the players in our area. The message of what is possible is not new to the boys, but how much better to come from someone who they watch play on TV
The boys really elevated their play; I had 15 kids from my spring high school age team in attendance and I've never seen my goalie more fired up to take a shot off of his shin as when Sergio was shooting on him!
– Coach Chris Condon, Director of Lacrosse Operations, FTK Lacrosse

The FTK Winter Skills Camp was attended by players from across southern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi, bringing players from several high school and youth clubs together to improve their skills with one of the PLLs best players, Sergio Perkovic.
It was a great event, Sergio was fantastic and the kids had a great time. His enthusiasm for the game and the way he connects with the kids is everything we were hoping for!
He really inspired them to work hard through the weekend and to continue to elevate their skills and desire to work at the game on their own going forward this spring.
There is now a diehard group of Sergio Perkovic & Redwoods fans here on the Gulf Coast!”
– Coach Brian Rivenbark, Special Events Coordinator, FTK Lacrosse

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