Verified Spotlight: Rise Lacrosse Club

By Josh Barrow | Mar 16, 2021

Rise Lacrosse Club is Verified and Rising UP!

Alex Ready -- Director and Founder of the new Rise Lacrosse Club -- wanted to make a difference in the sport that gave him the opportunity to play goalie at the University of Denver. This is why Alex set out to build his own youth lacrosse club in Central PA, an area he knows well, since he is from Lancaster. After observing and participating in the tournament-driven model of youth lacrosse, Alex pivoted his new club to focus on skill development and position-based training. He knew it would be meaningful for players in the local area, and would save the parents up to three hours in travel time for elite training.

In its second year, under tough circumstances -- Rise LC has built a base of about 75 players and hopes to field up to four teams this year. When asked what makes his club unique, Alex mentions his training format. He likes to keep the training in small groups with strong coaches because “the young players are less anxious in smaller groups, and are more open to learn positional training and the fundamentals. You really need to be relaxed and enjoy the sport in order to believe in your ability to learn. Players also get a lot more ‘reps’ in these 5:1 positional training sessions. And we staff three coaches to our 15 player teams to enhance learning.”

As a new program, the vision of Rise LC is to develop their young talent gradually as they prepare for larger steps in high school and the college ranks. “Because our program is smaller and starting out, we still encourage multi-sport participation and even extra-curricular activities like Scouts to round the learning curve for our players. We are at a place where we want our families to know we appreciate “balance” in their son’s learning process.”

As a new PLL Verified Partner, the Rise LC already has already planned a clinic on April 11th to bring the PLL Pros to Lancaster. Building this type of excitement amongst his lacrosse families is a good reason to see this young club rise above many in the near future.

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