Will Manny runs out of the tunnel during the 2023 Championship Series

Will Manny signs 2-year deal with Whipsnakes LC

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Mar 10, 2023

On the first day of free agency, seven-time All-Star attackman Will Manny has signed a two-year deal with Whipsnakes LC.

“I’ve always respected them from afar,” said Manny. “Those guys want to do one thing: Win. That’s the only thing on their mind.”

Manny – who sits eighth all-time in goals (265) and ninth all-time in points (416) – will join Matt Rambo and Zed Williams on attack. A career 31% shooter, Manny immediately improves the Whipsnakes’ league-low 26.5% shooting percentage.

“We as a team have to shoot the ball better,” said Whipsnakes LC head coach and general manager Jim Stagnitta. “He’s got great range, he’s great off-ball, and he can still beat a short-stick.”

Manny is already watching Whipsnakes film. He was three games deep when I caught up with him on Monday evening. Studying offensive sets. Envisioning himself cutting backdoor.

“They run a motion offense,” Manny explained. “There’s a couple things they try to get to – setting picks for Rambo. I see a role there that I could fit.”

The obvious role: Off-ball cutting. Manny moves like Steph Curry. He cuts. He picks. He pops. He stays in his defender’s blindspot when his defender helps. And when he’s being faceguarded, he times his sprint toward the backside pipe perfectly.

Still a student of the game, Manny wants to be coached. That excites Stagnitta.

“I’m looking for guys who I have a higher expectation for than they – or anyone else – does,” said Stagnitta. "The best players still want to be coached. And he's one of those guys."

Since his rookie season in 2013, Manny has continued develop his game and extend his range. What was once a knock on his game is now one of his best traits. His accuracy, upper body deception, and lightning-quick release make Manny one of the best stretch shooters in the league.

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