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10 Man Ride: Run Outs, Play Action, and Wall Passes

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Sep 17, 2020

CLEAR! The ride is on. We’re talking about the All-Film Team, Ryder’s favorite film tapes, watching Mikey Diggs watching film – basically, a lot of film. Let’s go!

1. All-Film Team

The second annual edition of the All-Film Team is live – comprised of 5,000+ words, 28 film clips, and quotes from hours of conversations with coaches.

The more you watch these players, the more you appreciate their games. This team is loaded with seals, screens, pick assists, assisted groundballs, two slides, three slides, and deceptive, natural-side dodging. Check out the full team here.

2. Ryder’s favorite highlight tapes

Two-time All-Film Team attackman Ryder Garnsey gave US Lacrosse Magazine his top five highlight tapes of all-time.

At the top? 2006 Syracuse grad Mikey Powell.

Powell tops everyone’s list – but Ryder has a unique tie to 22, according to someone who knows them both well.

“Watching Ryder watch the game of lacrosse, and watching Mikey, the attention that they give … and the smile on their face – and it sounds phony – but he loves watching lacrosse and seeing different things happening,” Nat St. Laurent – Ryder’s coach with the Redwoods and Mikey’s former teammate at Carthage, N.Y. – told me.

“He’s attracted to that. And because of that, he’s trying to emulate and do different things.”

Read the rest of Ryder’s favorites – including his teammate Matt Kavanagh, whose film he was caught watching in calculus class during the first week of his freshman year. 

3. Diggs’ watching highlights

Speaking of watching film, you can watch Mikey Diggs watch film in the latest Weekly Watch. The Reaction Cam is must-see content.

4. Stat of the Week: Run outs

We’re tracking run outs – a.k.a. races won to the endline or sideline where and when a shot went out of bounds.

Most of the league leaders are goalies. Archers LC defender Matt McMahon and Whipsnakes LC defender (and 2020 DPOY) Matt Dunn both finished in the top five.

I’m a huge advocate for hustle stats. But the teamwide run out rates are most interesting to me. The Whipsnakes defense ran out 18.4% of opponent misses – well above the league average (13.2%).

On the other hand, the Chaos offense ran out a league-low 75.7% of their own misses. That’s partially by design. It’s the price Chaos pays for a free-flowing offense that often has six players above goal-line extended. The same spacing that leads to beautiful offense – and more traffic in the goalie’s face – can sometimes cost them a step in the race to retain possession. You could perform a cost-benefit analysis on any strategy like that.

5. Crease Collapse of the Week

A throwback by All-Film Team defenseman Bryce Young.

Whipsnakes LC defensive coordinator Mike Murphy calls Young the hammer of their defense. When he slides, he collides.

6. Play action : football :: two-man games : lacrosse

Conceptually, play action and read options are types of two-man game between the quarterback and running back.

Play action pries open passing lanes; a run fake causes linebackers to creep up, like a pick stretches a sliding defense trying to cover four with three on the backend. My New England Patriots used a heavy dose of play action – nearly half of Cam Newton’s dropbacks in Week 1. Newton threw 8-for-9 for 99 yards after play fakes (and the only incompletion was a drop).

On a read option, the ball handler needs to read a specific defender (the picker’s man or the edge defender) whose decision will tell him whether he should keep it or dish it. Capturing the attention of more than two eyes then moving the ball is a skill – so is recognizing when to keep the ball and go!

A run-pass option is the “hang up” two-man game of football. The ball handler is able to manipulate the defense with body language for big gains.

7. Wall pass!

Let’s look at the Celtics-Heat series for a skill that translates from basketball to lacrosse.

(No, we will not be discussing Bam Adebayo’s coma slide to Jayson Tatum. I’m still having nightmares about that.)

Wall passes (i.e. a pass from the inside man back to the perimeter) almost always lead to powerplay goals. They can crumble a penalty kill’s rotations.

The Miami Heat zone defense never recovers fully following this wall pass by Robert Williams. Advantage offense – earning a step, then staying a step ahead with fakes, dribble drives, and crisp passing – is a beautiful sight.

Basketball or lacrosse – that inside-out pass is a gamechanger. This wall pass by Jay Carlson sets up a skip and a stepdown.

8. PR on the Daily Stoic

Paul Rabil joined Ryan Holiday for a thoughtful discussion on optionality, “what could have been,” and what your inner voice does or doesn’t tell you. As always, Paul’s notes from the pod are insane. His preparation for any conversation – about business, lacrosse, or life – is unparalleled.

Listen to the full episode on Spotify.

9. Curtis Dickson on The Inside Feed 

Chaos LC attackman Curtis Dickson joined Emma and Lisa to discuss the Championship Series, their postseason run, Blaze Riorden’s pump up speech, and more.

Stay tuned for the end of the episode when superfan Jamison Embury goes perfect in a Chaos-themed round of That’s Speed Boiii.

10. Best of Sergio Perkovic

Here are two minutes of the best two-point shooter on the planet – Mother Earth – burying goals off passes from Sergio Perkovic.

Your weekly reminder that high bouncers will go.

Thanks for reading!

Spread the word, submit any questions you want to see answered in this space to me on Twitter (@joekeegs), and I’ll talk to you next week!

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